I am a transplanted New Yorker, having moved to Kentucky to attend college.  After graduating, I was offered a teaching position and remained in Kentucky because living was a lot easier.

I taught Middle School art for 27 1/2 years while working on my photography during the summer breaks.  My teaching career allowed me to travel and work as a photographer in 18 states and 11 countries.  I retired from teaching in 1999 to pursue my fine art photography career.

I am a silver photographer.  I work with black and white film and process, print, mat, and frame my work in my home darkroom.  I have been interested in making photographic images since the age of eight.  In the age of digital photography, I have chosen to work crafting hand-made images produced with chemistry in a wet darkroom.

DIGIOVANNI BLACK & WHITE FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY  •  Louisville, KY  40205  •  (502)454-7575

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